How Strong Is Your Brain?

Six Tips for studying, taking into account that marvellous organ: the brain!


  • Take short breaks every 20 minutes or so.  The brain cannot concentrate fully for much longer than that.
  • Studying should be fun.  The adolescent brain is a “social organ”.  This means that you will learn better if you are discussing the material you need to learn with friends. Organize study groups.
  • Making links helps you to remember material, and you can learn more from a picture than five pages of text.  So, when you are studying, make mind maps, diagrams and designs that you will remember, linking different bits of information together so that they are all relevant.
  • Reduce your notes.  Start by reducing a lot of text to an A3 sheet of paper – a diagram, perhaps.  Then re-format this to notes on an A4 sheet, perhaps with bullet points.  From the A4 try and get it down to an index card that you can look at a week before the exam and that will take you all the way back to remembering the original text.
  • Write, instead of using your keyboard. You learn more effectively by writing because the brain’s filtering system processes what you are focusing on. Your brain knows it needs to pay attention when you are writing.
  • Teach yourself. Pretend you are a teacher and teach yourself the material – this will help you to recall the necessary information and will help you to avoid making mistakes. You can act, sing, dance, teach a group, anything that will get you to express the content.

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